We are a Scottish company offering a user friendly, cloud-based software system for recording care delivery in residential and day care settings. 

Our purpose is to improve communication and information sharing between staff and to help relatives stay connected with their loved ones.  We make the input of data simple and its extraction for reporting and analyses easy, supporting Providers to maximise precious staff time and improve efficiency.

Better communication of care information between all involved will both accurately demonstrate and improve the quality of care provided.

What it's all about

More so than ever, in the current situation where staff shortages are prevalent and resources are limited across the sector, being able to share records and information between staff at the touch of a button is essential – saving time, improving communication and enhancing the quality of care. We recognise that change is not easy, our approach will help you navigate the cultural shift that will be driven by digitisation.

Our ethos is that incremental change is the way forward, we encourage a change over to digital systems and are committed to making the transition less challenging and overwhelming. We believe radical change can cause uncertainty within the organisation and that this is a barrier easily overcome by focussing, in the first instance, on replicating the manual processes of recording care.

CareShare will enable interrogation of the data by managers to reduce time on compiling reports and updating care plans as well as reducing handover times. In an average care home, the equivalent of one member of staff will be gained at much less than the cost of an annual salary.

Our system will help you to improve efficiency and easily demonstrate transparency and compliance. The added benefits of being able to access records quickly, and record daily activities and appointments easily are positive drivers to get everyone on board. As you gain confidence in the technology and digital processes, additional modules can be added to digitise other aspects of care delivery.

Why us?

The CareShare team is committed to deliver this simple to use, yet powerful tool for interactive record keeping and analysis.

We have experience of designing, implementing and managing software services and an in-depth knowledge of care service legislation and compliance requirements.  Coming from a background with extensive experience in social care and senior business management, we are well placed to ensure your digital journey is successful.

Our in-depth research ensures CareShare meets the needs of service users, relatives, managers, staff and Regulatory Agencies alike.   We are committed to continued development of the software and would be happy to discuss how we can work with you to meet the needs of your care service.