The Team 

Jackie McLellan

An experienced senior manager with 35 years Care Sector experience in a range of care provisions and educational development. Engages with care services to support and inform workforce and service development. Successfully managed three campus sites and negotiated placements in care homes for over 1000 students each academic year gathering up to date knowledge of working practices, quality assurance processes and regulatory requirements. Has an excellent understanding of the political influences which impact and shape care provision.  A member of the Care Strategy Steering Group for Scotland and a Representative on several local Community Planning Partnerships Workstreams has invaluable knowledge of the current and future direction of care.  An excellent understanding of current legislation and care standards through working closely with regulatory agencies.

BSc Hons Health & Social Care; PG Diploma Teaching Qualification; PG Diploma Person Centred Counselling

Karen Alford

An experienced senior manager with a background in business management.  20 years working in a multi-faceted subscription company in the oil and gas sector as part of the senior management team.  As COO worked on product strategy and implementation, successfully managing IT projects creating desktop software and latterly the development of a complex online subscription system.  Volunteer work in social services, combined with extensive research into social care for over 7 years has developed a comprehensive understanding of the social care sector and the political landscape which instigated a career change.  Contributes to Scottish focus groups and panels within the sector, co-authored a report on behalf of the Care Home Relatives Group “Adequate is not good enough” which was reviewed by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care and the Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care.

BA Hons Business Studies with Systems in Practice 2:1; M.Sc. Systems in Practice.

Morag Gibson

An experienced manager with 10 years administration and contract management experience within a multi-faceted subscription company in the oil and gas sector. Extensive experience of managing client subscription access and permissions, providing support and developing client led improvements.  Created IT projects including the development of a complex online subscription system, worked with external companies to gain understanding of ways to improve customer engagement and usage. Successfully embedded the systems within the client companies focussing on the development of excellent client relations.  Over the last 5 years working in the social sector, has developed a comprehensive understanding of the challanges has resulted in the design of easily adopted digital solutions..

DipHE Communication Studies.

Gordon Ricketts

Technology and Asset Security Lead  – An experienced strategic IT and operations leader with 25 years of experience in software development, managing IT systems, implementing technical strategy, and developing IT and operational teams within small to medium enterprises. Specialist in security management, planning and implementations..

BEng Hons Civil Engineering; CISSP Asset Security and Security & Risk Management.

Sven Kauber

An experienced Full Stack Engineer with over 15 years working in a variety of sectors in Europe and the USA. Specialising in information systems design, software engineering and development. Successfully creates systems and applications where the interface and design is focussed on optimising user experience and interaction. 

B.Sc. Computer Science.