The Team

Our creative team has the relevant experience to design and develop this simple to use yet powerful tool for interactive record keeping and analysis. We understand the need to keep everyone concerned informed and up to date on the care you provide.

We have 30 years Care Sector experience, including running residential care facilities and educational development, with an excellent awareness of the political influences which impact and shape care provision. Through working closely with Regulatory Agencies we have an up to date knowledge of working practices and current legislation and Care Standards.

With over 25 years at senior level business management we understand the need to balance efficiency, quality and economics.  We specialise in creating user friendly software and have extensive experience of managing client subscription access permissions and developing client led improvements.

Our IT team has a proven track record in database and software development, building and embedding software technologies for the Healthcare sector including NHS Scotland.

We are committed to introducing new technology to free up care providers to concentrate on delivering the best quality care.


Tel:    07916 281 927

Office:    CareShare Limited, 4 Woodside Place, Glasgow. G3 7QF

Reg No:    Sc568847